Saturday, 27 February 2016

My first paper building

As I've said before I am useless at painting models. The first buildings I purchased were for 28mm scale miniatures and I bought them before I had any models.

Once I purchased some models they seem on the little side. Usuable but small. These cost me about £25 each so I decided that purchasing building models for 28mm gaming wasn't the way to go.

So after looking through a few blogs I stumbled across some blogs about paper buildings. They looked great. Wasn't that keen on the paper trees and few other props but on the whole the buildings looked awesome. Also reading the blogs mounting on foam core was better than using card.

So I searched the internet to find some plans and I found some great free buildings and then I stumbled across Carl Stoezel's buildings and the free sample building he gives away. The abandoned warehouse. The other free buildings I found didn't have internal decorations such as printed walls and floors but the warehouse from Carl did. It also came with very clear instructions  on how to build it.

The first Building I made was the free sample, the abandoned warehouse from Stoezel. I hadn't made any models for over 20 years and it looked fairly easy to construct until glueing together. I learn't a few lessons the hard way.
After building this I decided to purchase and use Stoezel's buildings. I have since purchased the M.U.C.K. collection of buidlings and built some so I can play the game.

From the pictures it looks great but as you look closer you can see the msitakes that I made and the cover up attempts. It doesn't affect game play. I have added walk ways to two sides of the building and plan to make a carpark to cover the other two sides. The sidewalks came from the M.U.C.K. pack.

A few pointers colour in all blue rabbit lines even if they are to be glued into a rabbit as they can still show and practice pratice pratice with a glue gun before using as less is so much more and I discovered that with all my glueing I over applied in every case even when I thought I was being sparse. The exception to this would be I definitely needed to use more spray adhesive as I had to go back and stick the corners back down on most pieces with crazy glue. Also when printing tick the box saying print actual size as my printer always starts with scale down oversized images. This makes the buildings slightly smaller. Doesn't affect gameplay and you may prfer the scaling down version size. But just a warning. Also set the printer setting brighter as the images are quite dark to start with.

My first building is not great but is definitely usable and the mistakes are barely noticeable on a gaming table, the pics speak for themselves I think.

The last pic has got a well known model Ray fighting 2 zombies to show the scale of the building.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

About Me

I am a useless painter so I am a gamer for those of you out there that love the games but can't paint for sh*te.

So I will be posting some pics soon of my acquisitions and the buildings I have made. All my figures I have acquired via Ebay. Some terrain too, but I have entered the world of paper modelling for the buildings after downloading a free building from Carl Stoezel.

I am truly happy with the buildings from Carl although I have got into some sticky messes putting them together as not am I only a crappy model painter I am also a crappy model kit builder. They are not perfect and I have no plans of building interiors as I am all about the game play.

I will also be posting about my character as it tries to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Let the gaming and the posting commence