Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Karl Hunter week 5 AAR

"...dad....dad....dad...DAD...DAD!!!!" Karl turns to face his daughter, he'd been lost in the past remembering when he first met Megan at the mall, wearing skin tight Jeans and a Led Zepplin t-shirt. His daughter is frantically pointing to his left. He turns and sees a ZED stumbling towards him through the tree's, he pulls his machete out swings and slices it's head in half. "For f##k sake Dad what's wrong with you!" As he looks as his daughter Lizzie tears start rolling down his cheeks, "she looks so much like her mum" he thought to himself. "You've gotta pull yourself together Dad!" Lizzie shouts at him and then says more quietly realising she could draw more of the dead towards them. "Where are we going to go now Dad?"

It's been two day's since Karl had seen his wife being eaten by the ZED's and it was eating him alive from the inside. He'd been replaying it over and over again in his mind. "I should've left the car" he muttered again to himself. There was a crack of a twig to his left and he turned expecting to see another ZED but a scantily clad woman stepped out followed by three men and said "hi".

Karl just stared slightly dead-eyed at them before carrying on walking in the same direction as he had been. Lizzie however returned this woman's hi with a "Hey where you headed" The woman just watched Karl carries on walking whilst one of the men said "to a hospital in the next town, we heard there was a medivac chopper airlifting people to safety" The woman turned and glared at her comrade whilst Lizzie just said " We've just come from there and it's overrun with shuffles". "Shuffles??" said the guy, "yer the dead ones" replies Lizzie and runs after her father who has just continues to walk on.

Lizzie catches up to her dad and tells him what the others had to say "I am never going back to that f##king place" he replied. "Why not?" asks Lizzie and Karl just glares back at his daughter but continues walking on. "We could head back home and I could see if Mat is still there" suggests Lizzie and Karl just grunts. Lizzie steps in front of Karl and takes the lead and Karl doesn't notice that Lizzie has started to turn them back towards the town........

Again this game was played with Andy but my report is from Karl's perspective again. There's a rumour of a medivac helicopter landing at the hospital. The goal of the scenario is to get on the chopper and find a resource. We decided to play this on a larger table 6 x 3 and used 6 PEF's instead of 3. We divided the table into 12 sections and rolled a D10 ignoring the 0 and placed the 6 PEF's in section 1-9, 10-12 being the table edge that we come on.

It's been a few more days since Lizzie had heard that there was a possibility of a medivac helicopter and she had been steadily working her way back round to the town, her dad trudging along behind her and as they walked from the forest she could see the town in the distance and the hospital. Her dad glanced up saw the town, growled and looked at her "Girl I guess we'd better check out that hospital then"

Move onto the table and generate 8 zombies, before Karl is a tunnel underneath a military looking outpost on the edge of town. The barricades are down and the doors to the tunnel have been left open. I enter decide to enter the tunnel as it's the quickest way to the hospital. 

Karl hunkers down by the edge of the military compound and looks ahead his daughter by his side. It looks quiet, too quiet. He nudges his daughter and silently points to the tunnel, she replies by a reluctant nod of the head and they move quickly but quietly towards the entrance. As they move they can see 4 ZED's up on the mound by the satellite and 2 to their left and 2 to their right. Karl just heads straight into the tunnel and lets his eyes adjust to the darkness. It seems to be empty so they both head in deeper and a mean looking man steps out and shoots Lizzie who falls to the ground still. Karl whips his shotgun round and fires killing the man and another who stepped up beside him.

Karl checks on his daughter, she's still breathing but he can't see shit in this poor light so moves further into the tunnel and finds himself face to face with 4 zombies, pulls out his machete and charges into them with a pent-up frenzy killing all four of them quickly.

Karl quickly searches the tunnel as he makes his way back to his daughter finding some keys and a composite bow with arrows. Checks on his daughter again who is still breathing and searches the gangers taking their weapons. Straps everything onto himself and picks up his daughter moving towards the end of the tunnel again noticing that the weather outside has got bad.

The tunnel is classed as two buildings due to its length. In the first part we encounter 2 gangers who walked the walk with Karl and his daughter ending up with the gangers killed and Lizzie being taken out of the fight. The insight happens with a ganger going first, then Lizzie(but she can't as she's been taken out of the fight), then Karl who kills both of the gangers with his shotgun. The other ganger was due to go last. In the second part are 4 zombies.

Random event bad weather.

Karl moves down the street carrying his daughter and sees movement up ahead through the rain and places his daughter on the ground and draws his shotgun and waits. 2 men and a woman appears and stops short as they see Karl holding a shotgun aimed at them. One of the men say "hey man" noticing the girl at Karl's feet adds "fancy helping each other out and sticking together?" Karl doesn't respond and the man adds "we could help carry your girl there?" Karl stands up and grunts a "yes" shoulders his shotgun and says "that sounds like a good plan".

PEF resolved as 3 citizen's. I win the meet and greet and they join Karl and his daughter.

"Let's get out of this rain" Karl shouts to the others as he  leads them towards the closest building with the two guys carry Lizzie between them followed by the other woman. In the distance, 5 zombies follow the group towards the house.

Karl enters the building followed by the others and come face to face with three mean looking men. The woman and the 2 guy's carrying Lizzie just turn around and go back out the door. Karl curses "chicken shits" ducks back out all the same, not liking the odds of 3 to 1.

The group then enters a building and find 3 gangers. The 3 citizen's fail their brown pants and duck back out the building. I choose also to duck back rather than face the 3 gangers on my own. 

Karl runs back out the house yells at the others to get up and run. The 3 men in the house run outside and pursue Karl and his new friends. Karl jumps over the fence with the others following as the 3 men come round the corner of the house pursuing them they open up with their automatic pistols. Karl gets hit by a bullet grazing his temple knocking him to the ground. As he lays there his ears ringing trying to focus his eyes he sees the lady that joined them go down from a gunshot to her leg banging her head hard on the ground. The two guy's look around panicked grab the fallen woman and run away down the street.

Zombie's appeared from around Karl and head towards the 3 men, suddenly they turn their focus away from Karl and start to shoot at the ZED's that are approaching them from all sides. Karl gets back to his feet unsteadily and watches the 3 men shoot at the ZED's to see only one fall and more appearing from behind them.

I decide that the best course of action is to run away from the 3 gangers as the 3 citizens I've met seem to be cowards. When the gangers fire at us, as we are close together that each ganger will target 2 people. This results in Karl and the new lady getting shot. The third ganger missed altogether. The citizen's fail their brown pants again as they took fire and run. I decide that they would not just abandon the lady they were with so they drop Lizzie and take her instead. The 9 shot's fired by the gangers generate 7 zombies!! Zombies that were already following Karl now follow the gangers as they have fired and are slightly closer than Karl and co.

Karl gathers his wits, picks up Lizzie and moves towards the next house. As he moves he sees that woman they came across in the woods followed by the same 3 men who just wave at him and move into a house. Karl enters the house cautiously and is relieved to find it empty.

This is the only point that mine and Andy's players can see each other during this encounter.

Karl stays in the house and gathering his thoughts, thinking where to go next as carrying his daughter around is tiring him out.

Failed activation.

Karl looks out the window and sees a car and decides to leave Lizzie on the couch and go check the car out. Maybe it'll start with these keys and we could drive the rest of the way to the hospital. As he approaches the car he notices movement inside, suddenly the window winds down and a cheerful face appears and says "Geez man you look like shit", spots the keys in Karl's hand and says "they won't work on this heap of shit, there Porsche keys" Karl goes to turn away and the man adds "there's a blue Porsche a few blocks back that way" pointing in the opposite direction to the hospital.

"F##king no good to me then" mutters Karl. "Hey man, I'm Shaun if you don't want them keys I'll take them off your hands?" the guy in the car says. "What ya wanna swap them for then?" Karl replies. "All I got is some food, my shotgun and a grenade that I found in this car would you believe it? You can't have my food or gun dude" replies Shaun with a thoughtful look on his face then adds "you can have the grenade". Karls holds out the keys, Shaun takes them and tosses the grenade to Karl just as a chopper flies overhead, heading for the hospital.

The car has a ganger in it when I go to search it, I win the meet and greet and  a people challenge so that he'll swap his grenade for the car keys!!! Result. This turn we also find out that the helicopter is arriving and will stay for 8 turns before leaving.

Upon hearing the chopper Karl turns and heads back to the house grabs Lizzie and then heads towards the hospital. Karl enters the hospital and heads for the rear exit as quickly as possible. He encounters no more trouble at all but as he reaches the top of the fire escape at the back of the hospital the chopper takes off leaving him stranded there watching it leave.

It took 8 turns to get to the top of the stairs, there were 2 turns were I didn't activate which cost me my ride. I met no-one else on my travels and no more zombies either. It was an uneventful end to the encounter.

Karl watches the chopper fly off into the distance and then heads back down the stairs and heads back towards the woods leaving the town behind him.

I just move Karl off the table to finish the encounter.

Karl chucks another twig on the fire as the pan starts to boil the water and glanced over at his daughter. The bullet was a through and through of her upper arm and she had a huge welt on her head from where she banged it after falling down. She seems ok Karl thinks to himself but she hasn't said a word since waking up.

A twig snaps and Karl reaches for his shotgun but it's ok, it's only Sam the woman they met back in town with the two other guys. Karl shoots her a quizzical look and she shrugs saying "they wanted to go back to the hospital in case another chopper came and I thought I'd be better off without them. Saw your fire and when I got close saw it was you and thought maybe we could stick together?" Karl looks at his daughter who just shrugs and he says "sure why the hell not" and she settles down and warms her hands against the fire.

"Dad" Karl looks at his daughter and is a little surprised to hear her voice and she continues "Why don't we head back home? It might be safer now and I could see if Dave is still around" looking hopefully at her father. He just says "No". "But.." starts Lizzie and Karl just looks at her with a withering stare and says "NO" very firmly. "Dave, he was no good for her anyways," Karl thinks to himself.

Lizzie gets up in the middle of the night, picks up her bag which has half their food in it, picks up one of the shotguns and the composite bow and leaves a note in their place and heads out into the woods on her own.

Karl wakes in the morning and rolls over, looks at where his daughter should have been laying. Realising she's not there he sits up and notes that all her stuff has gone and the bow and one of two shotguns is missing but there's a piece of paper left where they were.

He reaches over and picks it up and starts reading;

"Dad I need to go and you need to deal with Mum's death. I can't be around you right now so I'm going to go and see if Dave's ok. I know that he's most likely one of them now but I need to check. If it's ok back home I'll wait there until it's no longer safe and then I'll head to Aunt Jenny's ranch down in Texas. Maybe we'll meet up down there. I love you Dad I really hope we see each other again. Just get over Mum cause if you don't I don't think I'll see you at Aunt Jenny's. Has to be said Dad. I love you Lizzie xxx"

The encounter was a failure luckily there was no rep decrease

Sam who joins up with Karl carries a Pistol and a unit of food and has the attribute rage.

As you can see there are no pics for this encounter, we got so wrapped up in the game I took very lax notes and no pics were taken!! A post is not complete without pics so here are some to make up for it;
The Hunters
Megan (Deceased)

I will be playing ATZ with my good friend Andy using Karl seeing how long he can last. I will be playing ATZ at home using Lizzie. I am also hoping to start a campaign using gangers more to come on that as and when it happens.....

Hope you enjoyed

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Catch up and a look back over the past month and a bit

It's been great getting back into tabletop games and I'm loving the 3 games that I now play.

Obviously, ATZ as that's what this blog is all about, but I have played 2 bolt action games and enjoyed them so much I am now the proud owner of a small force of Americans, Brits, Germans and Russians.

After playing just one game of 7TV I am looking forward to my next one and after Salute, I am sure that there maybe a few others that I'll fall in love with.

It's been over a week since I was last online blogging and I have just caught up with the blogs I follow and added a couple more to follow.

So my first post will of April will feature 3 figure's I got with my Yakuza, strangely they were bundled with these 3.........

 Riot police in full contamination gear

These have featured in just one game of ATZ and they played the part of the national guard.