Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My builds from the M.U.C.K. collection

In this post I will be showing my builds using the M.U.C.K. collection from Carl Stoezel.

I like Stoezel's buildings as you can have a removable interior or leave a side off a building giving access to all floors.

This was my first build from the M.U.C.K. collection and my second build. So I have a certain fondness for it and I used this building as my base for my Hunter family.

For the first three weeks after Z day instead of playing ATZ by moving onto a board. I started in the Hunters apartment on the top floor. I felt it more realistic, after all its your game so make it what you want.

Batrep to follow......

The lift out interior is great but can be a little awkward sometimes. Remember to allow some space to the sides of your playing area for the interiors. 

I used less glue on my second build and it was a lot easier to put together less sticky and this time I did not burn my fingers.


  1. Looking good bud, nice build, I'm not sure about the uber red brick but they look good on the table

    1. Thanks dude yes its very red. There is a lighter colour available and I think I'll build some of those too when I get a chance.

  2. Looks good dude! I built mine the other way, each floor stacks on the other. I find it easier to game that way.

  3. Thanks Bob. Yes that is the third way and I was tempted but dome pics on the net don't look good. The floors not meshing well together. However after seeing my friends hospital I am tempted to try one to see how it comes out.